Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Really starting to feel like we've seen this UAB enough...

So since Miami got nixed, but our UAB was packed out, we had to wait a week to get it back.
Our scene looked like this (below left), while Ceiba had more in mind (below rt) at the rediscovery of her gone-for-a-week toys.

In the middle of it, Gma & Gpa were here instead of on a beach in Miami....sorry. We whirlwind unpacked and headed out to sightsee. More fam pics to follow this week.


  1. Hey Denise,
    Thanks for the generous offer you left on my blog, to bum around town checking out fabric stores. Get in touch with me once your schedule simmers down, family out of town, boxes off of kitchen counter, etc. I look forward to making it happen.

  2. It's like Christmas in May...! Are you guys up for any playdates this summer? I am sure LG would love to meet Ceiba!