Wednesday, January 23, 2019


It's been ages, hasn't it? Alas, it has. I think of writing SO often. A little blip or memory or thought come into my mind, and I very consciously think how I want to write it down. I think that I want to remember it and journal it and often share the idea. Sometimes I even jot a word or two down on my "to do" list to remind myself to rekindle that thought, to come back and tell its tale.

So am I lost, as the title and definition 1 read? Oh, I guess parts of me feel lost at times, but today I feel good and present and healthy. Life is good, our family is happy & healthy, and we are fortunate for these luxuries that life grants.

Definition 2 speaks of something being taken away. I'm here today specifically (finally) thanks to this definition. Today is the birthday of both my sister Debbie and Chris's grandma Ruth... two of the loveliest ladies who I've ever enjoyed and loved. They are missed today. Their memory made me pause and stop to write. I could go on with a million stories... and photos... I could tell you about them for "ages". But today, I'll speak less (a feat for me and area of growth) and take baby steps, just to be happy to have stopped here for a while.
I've missed this space.

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